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 The Resume Blueprint Course ($149)

Create your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile in 2 days with this proven, no-nonsense course. Short videos. Guided instruction for every part of your resume. You'll not only learn 'how' to build a resume, but also *the strategy* behind what you're doing so you get more interviews and offers.

Best part? When you're done with the course, you're done with your resume.

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Hourly sessions are a flexible option for support. Choose from strategy session topics including:

  • 60 min. Focus Role Strategy Session
  • 60 min. Resume Review
  • 60 min. LinkedIn/Search/Networking
  • 60 min. Mock Interview
  • 60 min. Sort It Out (the session you need when you don't know what you need....but you feel stuck)
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My team and I have each personally changed careers at least once.

We get it, because we've been through it (and succeeded!) We designed the Teacher Transition & Career Pivot program for you (because we've all been right where you're at).

  • Not a One-Size-Fits-All Program: Your transition or pivot story isn't like anyone else's, so we don't put you through a one-size-fits all program filled with steps and services you don't need.
  • Begin with a Consult: Consults are for questions - we'll have lots (and we hope you do, too!) so we can identify the areas where you need support. (Don't worry, we're not a pushy bunch. Consults are all about connection, education, curiosity, and solutions. We'll never pressure you for a services decision during this call)
  • A Custom Program Roadmap for You: After the consult, we'll recommend a custom roadmap based on your needs, timeline, budget, and goals.
    • Sessions are each 60 minutes long.
    • Session goals include: Choosing a Focus Role, Resume, LinkedIn/Search/Networking, Mock Interview/Interview Prep, and Mindset/General Coaching.
    • Investment starts at 4 sessions for $1494, with flexible payment options available
  • Connection +: In addition to your program sessions, you'll also have direct access to your coach via text and voice messaging
  • Bonus Resume Blueprint: In addition to your program sessions, you'll receive free access to The Resume Blueprint course
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