Resume Rewrite Service Application

Give your resume the ultimate glow up with a total re-write grounded in tested and proven resume strategies I've developed over the past 15+ years as a recruiting industry leader, hiring manager, and career coach.


A Personalized Approach:

I take a customized approach to every resume I create, getting to know each client and their unique career goals. This is not a resume factory with an assembly line process - I work one-on-one with each person to showcase their skills, accomplishments, and potential.

Our resume partnership includes several hours of collaboration to understand your background, aspirations, and how we can best position you for future opportunities. This personalized attention is why I cannot accept every client request I receive. My priority is on quality over quantity, working closely with each individual to develop a resume that accurately reflects their talents.

If we work together, we will spend productive time on Zoom discussing your professional journey so far and where you hope to go next. I'll get to know you, your skills and personality, to translate that understanding into a compelling, tailored resume. My goal is always to create something authentic and effective, not just another document that looks like it came off an impersonal resume assembly line. Please reach out if you would like to learn more about working with me.

The Process: 

We'll begin by you sending me your current resume(s), any supporting documents, and 3-4 sample job postings for the type of role you're pursuing next.

I'll use that info to conduct research on your target role and build out your new resume framework

Then, we'll meet for a 2 hour Zoom session where I'll write while asking you tons of questions like, "Is this accurate?", "Do you have a number for this?", "What did you want your reader to know when you included this bullet point in your old resume?"

Through this collaborative model, we'll not only ensure your resume sounds like you (and not like a million other candidates), but you'll also learn what I'm doing, why I'm doing it (the strategy of a resume), and how you can make changes to your resume on your own as your career evolves.


You'll have a resume and cover letter that you love AND you'll learn important resume strategy/skills to take with you for the rest of your career.


Investment starts at $699. All resumes are quoted individually. Payment plans available.

Next Step: 

Complete the inquiry form below. I'll be in touch via email in 24-48 hours with questions and recommended next steps. You are in no way obligated to book services by completing the form. Your contact info will only be used for the purposes of this services inquiry.